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Carpet Cleaning Services

At Resurrection Carpet Cleaning we employ a rotary shampoo carpet cleaning technique. This technique is an industry standard that has been time tested and is amongst the most effective methods in achieving optimal carpet cleaning results.

Because the rotary shampoo method uses a minimal amount of water, the customer enjoys the benefits of a significantly quicker drying time and does not have to worry about mold and mildew that can develop in carpet padding when cleaned with other techniques.

​Our Process “Seven Steps to a Super Clean”

Step 1.


During your carpet resurrection, our technicians will inspect the areas that are to be cleaned and move necessary furniture.  Our technician then rakes the carpet to release dirt and debris trapped by matted carpet pile.

Step 2.


Vacuuming removes dry dirt particles and debris, increasing cleaning effectiveness.

Step 3.


Prior to the cleaning, stains, spots and heavily soiled areas of the carpet will be pretreated.

Step 4.


The technician will then thoroughly clean the carpets with a rotary machine, whereby brushes are used to agitate the carpet pile. The non-residue cleaning solution breaks down and encapsulates the embedded and suspended soils. As it dries, the solution crystallizes and dissipates, bringing life back to your carpets.

Step 5.


Baseboards are wiped clean to remove dust and hair.

Step 6.


For those who opt for soil retardant, we apply a sealant to increase the longevity of the carpet and preserve your investment.

Step 7.


The finishing step in the cleaning process is to once again rake the carpet to fluff the pile and finalize the carpet resurrection.

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